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Solving problems with a neighbour’s trees.

Lots of disputes break out between neighbours because of trees. Overhanging branches, tall growths that block sunlight and trees that look like they might damage your property can all cause problems. How do you get them fixed? The Trees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2006 lays out the legalities. Here’s a summary of what you should

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Taking the time to check the backyard

While due diligence is often carried out while checking the building of a house you want to buy, the garden and the problems that can lie outside are often neglected. Taking the time to check the backyard for immediate signs of inconvenience or danger can save you money and heartache down the line. Which way

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Taking care of recently planted trees

Whether you’ve planted a new tree to replace an old one or you’ve decided to change the look of your garden, knowing how to take care of recently planted trees can help them develop healthily and aid their growth. Establishing roots After you plant a tree, most of the early growth takes place underground. Once

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Solutions for a leaning tree

There can be many reasons why your tree isn’t growing straight, and the bigger it grows the more dangerous this can be. By attending to the problem quickly – whether that’s straightening a small tree or completely removing a big one – you can minimise the risk of damage to your property, crushing your car or

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How to season a chopped tree into firewood

One of the benefits of cutting down a tree is that you have a potential source of free firewood. While you can’t immediately burn freshly chopped trees, you can leave them to season and, once they’ve dried out, you can use them in a wood burner. Fresh or green wood has a high water content which

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